Who’s at Re:treat



Ian Has been hairdressing for over 30 years. He is a very talented hairdresser who has a lot of experience in all aspects of hairdressing from stage, fashion, films and competitions.  Ian loves working in a little village as it allows him the luxury of being able to spend time with his clients. Ian works Tuesday, Thursday to Saturday. 



Rach Website image.jpg

Rachael is a stylist who has worked with us for 7 years. She is young, talented and keeps up to date with all styles, including the very popular balayage technique. Rachael works Tuesday to Saturday. 



loz 2

Laura has been hairdressing for over 20 years, she has been working alongside Ian for 18 years. Laura enjoys all aspects of hairdressing, but enjoys colouring and hair ups the most, which she is very talented at. Laura works Wednesday to Saturday. 



Ellie website image.jpg

Ellie is our new junior who has a passion for hairdressing. She is currently studying at West Suffolk College towards her Level 2 Hair Dressing Professional and is enjoying the course and working in the salon from Wednesday to Saturday. 




Molly is our Saturday girl who helps out all of our stylists, from washing clients hair to passing up when someone is highlighting. She is currently studying Health and Social Care at Long Road. 



Buddy Woofer is our salon dog. He is here to chill you out and give you a wag and a hug if needed. He is just under 6 years old. Buddy is a Cockapoo. He has training in pet and therapy (PAT). He loves being in the salon and has his very own room to play in and only comes out if clients want him to. Since joining us he has become the most popular member of the team and gets loads of presents hugs and treats from everyone. 



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